11 Years of GabberMex

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GabberMex celebrates 11 years of Hard Beats + The release of the newest Ruffneck label called "Tainted Audio"

Dj Ruffneck en México 2012 flyerGabberMex presenta a Dj Ruffneck en México

Fanticket para dj Ruffneck en México

GabberMex History so far...

Gabbermex is the first mexican gabber and hardcore techno collective. This project was started in 2001 with the main objective of promoting the harder styles of electronic music in México. In cooperation with Toxicpro, Gabbermex have organized several hardcore techno and related styles parties in the main undergound venues at Mexico City, released two promotional cds that were given for free in these parties (one with tracks from the members and the other a dj mix by Markcore). The collective has colaborated with several underground organizations such as Esfinter Technologies, KNM Crew, Dj's army and Techno Club México, has supported the first tour of Darkmatter Soundsystem in mexican lands and used to host a radio show through toxicpro radio. In the past Gabbermex's website worked as an online magazine giving real information about the global scene, matter that now keeps on doing through its facebook community, gathering all hardcore and terrorheadz from Latin America. Several artists have passed thorugh Gabbermex, only a few remain with a strong commitment in locating Mexico in an important position worldwide, effort that is done in a daily basis. Gabbermex still organizes parties and its artists participate in multi-style underground events produced by other organizations where common sounds are hardcore techno, Drum & Core, breakcore, experimental, noize, electro, drum n bass, hardstep between other underground styles.

In 2008 GabberMex produced the 1st party with an International Hardocre dj/producer: Forsaken Is Dead [Meta4-Six Feet Underground] in 2010 we collaborated with KNM in order to bring Cooh and Broken Note to the Mexico.

the bigest milestone is the recent release of the very 1st Mexican Hardcore 12" vinyl 100% made in México, "GabberMex Sampler" incluiding tracs from Deep Bass 909, Tuareg Geeks, Dr. Herom, Redeker & Acid Flux produced by Markcore in an special edition limited to 300 copies worldwide.

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Gabbermex 2011.